Status update, Dec 05

Yeap, I’m alive!

It’s quite a time since I sent my last post, which is 2019, 21 May. I decided to update my blog, and do status updates regularly. But there is a big difference now, I’ve started blogging in English to improve my writing skills with this post, so I apologize for grammar mistakes in advance.

Strange times, if you consider Covid-19. Spending so much time in front of the computer with doing literally nothing. I woke up this morning, and questioned myself. WTH!! It’s time to change a few things. I started changing my working space, I went shopping to be more comfortable while doing nothing :P Then, I updated static site generator of this blog -we should keep it up to date with new stuff right?- now I use hugo with codex theme . I hope you like it!

I’ve been in love with tiling window managers for a while and I was using SwayWM on top of Fedora. I also updated my setup, when you start changing you can’t stop. I’m still using SwayWM but now it’s installed on top of Arch. There are couple of reasons of doing that, but I’m planning to prepare a new post to share my configurations, workflow and so on.

Stay home, stay safe!