ArchLinux + SwayWM

I told you I’ve been in a love with tiling window managers for a while since I’m a keyboard person. For me, if there is a shortcut to do something then use it, otherwise assign a shortcut. So tiling window managers are my thing but I must say it’s not feasible for a starter. If you don’t have that much experience on Linux OS probably you will get nuts if something goes wrong, and believe me probably something will go wrong. Anyway, recently I decided to install SwayWM top of ArchLinux and I feel like this is perfect setup for me for daily workflow. The ones who don’t know me, I’m a backend developer and mostly I spend my time between browser tabs (too many), editors, database manager, mail app and Slack.

Here is my dotfiles and I will keep it updated. But I should give credit to nboughton , I saw his theme on reddit and just did a few changes according my taste.



Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3