2020 Overview

I got engaged!#

I know there is not much good thing to say for this year, but I can say that I’ll never forget this year. I got engaged with the girl I met in 2009, yes it took 11 years, and she made me the happiest and the luckiest guy in the world! Also, this year proved that even if the storms outside it’s easy to stand when you have the ones that you love around.

I, my family, and my fiance beat the Covid-19#

Luckily no one got harmed from the disease in my family, and we beat it. I’m so sorry for the ones who passed away, their families, and their friends. I wish everyone could be lucky as much as us, and I wish we could put behind the disease before lose even one life.

Several projects at the same time#

It’s unquestionably true that it was a horrible year. But because we were at home all year round, I found a chance to work on several projects concurrently. I worked with different people from different countries. I learned about various technologies. So I can honestly say that it was a productive year for me.

What about next year?#

  • Hope we’ll get rid of this Covid-19
  • Learn Golang like a pro.
  • Write more blogs
  • Make habit of riding the bicycle

I hope we never forget the value of being healthy, spending time with the ones we love, being able to go outside whenever we wanted, and most importantly being able to breathe.

Wishing you health, love, and laughter in the New Year.